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About Alaric Designs.

Everyone deserves a beautiful space. Spaces that stand out from the crowd, start a conversation, and open the imagination. These are the types of rooms we create here at Alaric Designs.

Quicker timeframe. Developing a package with both design intent and selections allows your project to run smoothly once it begins with as few hiccups as possible.
Easier to make design decisions. The advantage of hiring an Interior Designer that has over 20 years of experience and knowledge helps you find the best products and finishes for your home and within your budget.
Less stress before and during the project. By organizing your expectations and assumptions with an Interior Designer before the project begins will reduce the amount of problems and issues that typically arise during a remodeling project.
Less surprises. Reduce the amount of pressure given to you by a contractor that is already working in your home. Having a plan developed and items chosen will prevent those last-minute shopping trips to select a fixture that is needed by tomorrow.
On budget. Everyone wants to save money. The best way to prevent costs from rising and popping up unexpectedly is by working with an Interior Designer to plan out every detail before you submit a remodeling package for estimates. This way you can get estimates from multiple contractors and be able to compare them "apples-to-apples" because they all have the same information to bid off of.
Enjoy the process. Allow yourself to rest assured that the details and necessary elements to your project will be taken care of and turn out how you expect them to be. A remodeling project doesn't have to be a headache. Let's have some fun and make this an experience you will enjoy!

Paint Color Selection & Decorating Assistance

Work with a Registered Interior Designer who has been teaching Color Theory classes for 15 years. Learn where to start when choosing new colors for your room.


Interior Remodel Planning

Are you thinking of remodeling your Kitchen or Bath and not sure where to start? Get the help of an Interior Designer that has worked in the industry for over 20 years. Save money and time by creating your design and making product selections up front. Get accurate bids from multiple contractors by presenting a plan with drawings and scope of work so everyone is on the same page from the start.


Furniture & Window Treatments

Assistance with furniture plans, reusing existing furniture or looking for new and help with designing window treatments.
We can pull your design together to help it look spectacular!


Everyone deserves a beautiful space..